Career and Development


Working in the  EUROBUDOWA company You can fulfil Your professional ambitions. We put special emphasis on people witch potential. Co-operation only witch the best specialists, various training programme and possibility working witch diverse projects allow You getting new experience and skills.

Work in "EUROBUDOWA" company gives You access to the newest solutions and technology. The most important matter for Us are knowledge, skills, efficiency of activity. Mainly We focus on helping every employees to improve them skills, stimulate motivation to creative work. We want and we can share Our experience, We count on possibility using the knowledge and experience Our new employees. One of the most important aim is searching and employ the best graduates and assurance them optimal possibility of career. We keep investing in own development but We do not forgot about pleasure. After hard work We spend time on rest and some entertainment. Once a year We organize integrating picnic where are invited all employees of the Eurobudowa company and variety guests.

What are We engaged in?

Economic activity of the company mainly offers high quality building services. It bases on a typical for building industry - contract work which consist in gathering and signing the contracts which are realize by subsidiary and associate companies or other subcontractors

Eurobudowa offers services in following forms: general contractor, substitute investor, subcontractor and developer. Activity of the company is verified in considerable degree, what considerably make it independent from periodical fluctuation of market conditions in particular segments.

Plany inwestycji w latach 2007 - 2008

Inwestycje w latach 2003 - 2006